Atlas's Alcove

Atlas, a beared dragon, stands tall and looks out of his enclosure. He has brightly colored orange scales about his face.

Atlas Facts

Atlas is a 3 year old bearded dragon that moved into the Millicent Library in 2022. His birthday is March 30th! Atlas lives in the Young Adult section of the library, and loves to be visited by kids and families. He is taken care of by the library staff and teen volunteers. He sometimes visits with school groups or during storytime. Atlas loves to be read to! Sit by his enclosure anytime - don't forget to show him the pictures!

Here are some facts about his species:

  • Bearded dragons come from Australia.
  • They are lizards, a type of reptile.
  • They have spiky scales under their throats that they puff up when they're scared.
  • Bearded dragons like to eat bugs, veggies, and fruits.
  • They like to sunbathe to stay warm, and even like to swim!

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Ask Atlas

Do you have a question for Atlas? Fill out this form! Atlas's responses are posted in the Young Adult room above his enclosure.