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Library Rules

The Millicent Library Rules


Getting a Library Card

sealcardAnyone, regardless of age, can apply for a library card. People under eighteen must have the application signed by a parent or legal guardian. You must bring with you a valid form of identification, a photo I.D. and proof of address. We will accept cancelled mail or a listing in the current street directory among other things. If you lose your library card, please notify the library. Replacement fee for cards is $2.00. Because we may now register patrons from communities other than Fairhaven, you must present a current proof of address. (SEE STATEMENT BELOW ON LENDING TO RESIDENTS OF MUNICIPALITIES WITH DECERTIFIED LIBRARIES). SAILS cardholders may use their current cards. Other arrangements may be made at the discretion of the Library Director.

Loan Periods


Books and magazines go out for two weeks. There is no limit on the number of books that may be taken as long as there are not more than three books on any one subject. Five magazines may be taken out at a time. They may be renewed by phone once for another two week period, and in person yet another time. (This is only if no one else is waiting for the material.) Books may be returned to any SAILS library. We prefer that other types of materials be returned to Fairhaven, but they may be returned to another library if necessary. The overdue fine on these items is five cents per item per day.

Compact discs

Compact discs also circulate for two weeks and may be renewed the same as books. Ten titles may be taken out at a time. They should be returned to the Millicent Library because of their fragile nature. We have a large collection of CD’s and they are packaged in soft space-saving containers. The overdue fine on CD’s is five cents per day per disc.

DVD’s and Video Tapes

DVDs go out for one week, except for certain sets that may go out for 2 weeks. Ten DVDs may be taken out on a card. Each cardholder must be there in person. Overdue charges are now the same as books and renewals are allowed except if the item is needed by someone else.

The Millicent Library
Statement on Lending to Residents of Municipalities with Decertified Libraries

adopted October 16, 2007

Public libraries in Massachusetts that do not meet the minimum standards for funding and service necessary for certification by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) are ‘decertified’ by the Board. As such, they are not eligible to participate in reciprocal borrowing with other libraries.

Massachusetts state law (605 CMR 4.01) states that certified public libraries are not required to lend materials to residents of municipalities with decertified libraries.

The Millicent Library will not lend materials to residents of municipalities with decertified libraries, as this places an inequitable burden on the library’s resources and local tax dollars.

Massachusetts General Law (605 CMR 4.01) states, “all residents of the Commonwealth shall have access to reading and reference rooms under the same conditions as residents of the community.” Residents of communities with decertified libraries are therefore welcome to use the Millicent Library resources within the library building.


These pages and their contents are the property of the Millicent Library Created by Carolyn Longworth, Library Director December 21, 1995