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Hair Wreath

Hair Wreath Made for Reverend John Willard by members of the First Congregational Church Fairhaven, Massachusetts. (Photo of Rev. Willard donated by Dorothy Greenlee) We haven’t found out when or why this wreath was made. The death dates of some of the donors precede Willard’s. Many times these wreaths were made for joyouswreath events. Right now we are guessing the date to be in the 1850’s. Fortunately for us, the wreath is still in its original box (hence the foxing) and the flowers are numbered with a key. We are looking to find info on each person. The wreath was bought for us by a donor in memory of Curtis Lopes. The wreath is about 6 inches in diameter and the pictures really don’t do it justice. (Note: ages are as of 1855)

  1. Mrs. Hiram Tripp (Louise Gifford), aged 47 – Hiram, George F., Lemuel C. and Mrs. A.P. Willcox were all children of Lemuel Tripp
  2. S. Helen Tripp (Susan H. Tripp), aged 23 – Daughter of Alexander and Caroline Tripp. Died in 1886, age 26, of pleurisy
  3. Sarah H. Willcox, aged 27 – Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. A.P. Willcox. Twin sister of Susie P. Willcox. Ran dry goods business upon death of their mother
  4. Mr. A. P. Willcox (Amaziah), aged 62 – Proprietor of a dry goods store 36 Centre St.-Phoenix Block
  5. Capt. L.C. Tripp (Lemuel), aged 55 – Engaged in merchant trade
  6. Mrs. L.C. Tripp (Mary Anne Hathaway), aged 45 – One of the 1st woman to circumnavigate the globe and 1st American woman to enter the forbidden area of China
  7. Anna M. Black, aged 21 – She made the wreath. She was residing with her mother Minerva, Susan D. Eldredge and Susans’ daughter Anna in 1865
  8. Sarah M. Tripp, aged 21 – Teacher. She was the daughter of Hiram and Louise Tripp
  9. M. Annie Tripp (Mary A. Tripp), aged 27 – Daughter of Hiram and Louise Tripp
  10. Mrs. Obed Hitch (Mary G. Boswell), aged 38 – Her husband was proprietor of a grocery store located at 65 Main St. and was also a member of the Board of Assessors
  11. Carrie L. Tripp, aged 24 – Daughter of Hiram and Louise Tripp. Died of consumption at the age of 36
  12. Mrs. Charles Drew (Catherine Bent), aged 64 – Rev. Willard maintained a close relationship with the Drews after leaving Fairhaven
  13. Susie G. Tripp, aged 18 Daughter of Hiram and Louise Tripp
  14. Mrs. A.P. Willcox (Susan) H. Tripp), aged 57 – Daughter of Lemuel Tripp. Took over running dry goods store upon the death of her husband
  15. Mrs. Philomon Fuller (Eunice Bradford), aged 56 – Eunice’s husband was a merchant
  16. Mr. George F. Tripp, aged 45 – Mr. Tripp was a merchant. He owned the brick house at the corner of Centre and Green Sts.
  17. Henrietta D. Tripp, aged 21 – Daughter of Alexander and Caroline Tripp. She later married Charles C. Woodman (1870) who was Principal of the High School
    Reverend John Willard
  18. Dea. Lemuel Tripp, aged ? – Mr. Tripp was a sea captain. He was one of the original incorporators of the Fairhaven Bank (National Bank)
  19. Mrs. G. F. Tripp (Emily McLane), aged 30 – Wife of George F. Tripp
  20. Susie P. Willcox, aged 27 – Daughter of A .P. Willcox. Twin sister of Sarah H. Willcox. Carried on dry goods business
  21. Mr. Charles Drew, aged 62 – Deacon of church. Post Master 1842-1853. Member of Temperance Society
  22. Mrs. Susie D. Eldredge, aged 24 – Was residing with Anna Black in 1865

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