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H.H. Rogers Illustrations by S. M. Williams

Illustrations from
” H.H. Rogers, the Dr. Jekyll of Social Life
and the Mr. Hyde of Finance,” by S. M. Williams,
a newspaper article in THE WORLD, Sunday, January 14, 1906.

“He Swaps Funny Stories with
Reporters at the Standard
Oil Hearing, Becomes a True
Benefactor to Mark Twain,
but in Business is Ravenous,
“Relentless, Cold-Blooded,
Law-Defying in business
Life, He Is Genial, Generous,
Home-Loving, Democratic
and Lovable When He
Leaves His Office.”
money bags--45kb
“His Millions Are Piling Up
Like a Frugal Man’s Dollars.”
grocery boy--33kb
“As a Grocer’s Boy
at Fairhaven.”
fighter -- 22kb
“He Is a Fighter.”
Mark Twain--28kb
“He Lifted Mark Twain Out of Trouble.”
“Away from the intoxicating spell
of dollar-making this remarkable man
is one of the most charming and lovable
beings I have ever encounteered.”

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