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East Fairhaven (Naskatucket) History- Book One

East Fairhaven (Naskatucket) History- Book One by Natalie S. Hemingway

We were fortunate enough to receive the files from Natalie S. Hemingway’s first volume of her history of East Fairhaven. Natalie was one of the great pillars of the Fairhaven community her whole life. She was a long-time volunteer here at the library. We are grateful to Natalie’s family for allowing us to upload this important document for all to use.

Please note that some of the images were photocopies and so they may be faint. If you have a hard time seeing them, you can come to the library to look at the actual book or if you can find one in a store you can buy it for your very own!

The document was a very large file, so it has been broken up into smaller pieces to make it easier to download.