DVDevelopments 4/10/24

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash.Apologies for the non-appearance of this column last week. There just weren't enough new arrivals to write about. We have a slew of catalog titles back-ordered, and they are making their way to us at a stagger and a crawl (the newer titles seem to get here much faster, though even some of those are a tad sluggish lately); I suspect the DVD-authoring companies are backed up and/or not getting as much business since more and more stores have recently elected not to carry physical media.

Well, as long as someone's putting them out, we'll get 'em; I realize not everyone has the tech at home to stream everything (and there's definitely tons of stuff that isn't streaming -- go look on Netflix for The Gospel Road and see how you do).

So anyway, in alphabetical order, some new-to-us stuff we've received. Links go to the page where you can put the stuff on hold.

- Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – It took a while getting here (see what I mean?), but we finally have the DVD edition of the last DC Extended Universe film. Reminder: we also have the Blu-ray.


- The Book of Clarence – Seems like this riff on Biblical epics would have stirred up more of a fuss if more people had heard of it. In any case, the DVD is here.


- Freud's Last Session - Ol' Sigmund (Anthony Hopkins) has a chin-wag with C.S. Lewis (Matthew Goode). Have a double feature with John Huston's Freud or David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method! Hopkins also played Lewis in Shadowlands 30 years ago. On DVD.


- Good Burger 2 – As was prophesied in a previous DVDevelopments entry, we now have the second volume of the Good Burger saga. On DVD.


- The Gospel Road – Johnny Cash was serious about a good number of things. One of them was his religion. So he and June put their own money into this 1973 drama about the life of Christ. Johnny didn't direct it; he got the guy who plays Jesus to call the shots, which may have struck Cash as appropriate. On DVD.


- The Hitcher - Yes, the 1986 original with Rutger Hauer, and yes, it's in anamorphic widescreen. Check it out with confidence. On DVD.


- The Iron Claw – Biopic about brothers out to hit it big in the pro-wrestling world of the '80s. On DVD and Blu-ray.


- Saint Omer - French courtroom drama about a Senegalese woman accused of killing her baby daughter. On DVD.


- Wednesday: Season 1 - Tim Burton's Netflix show about that weird Addams kid (Jenna Ortega) hits home physical media. We have it on DVD and Blu-ray.


- When Evil Lurks - Well-regarded Spanish horror from last year. On Blu-ray.

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