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The Millicent Library Annual Reports
(work in progress) — files are Adobe Acrobat pdf format

1893 Report

“The cry that is often raised that there is too much light reading may be true, but at the same time who will say that the perusal of our best works of fiction will not pave the way to a desire for something more substantial. Let us believe that as time goes on the people will become more interested in other departments of the library, and that this love for light reading that now seems a hinderance [sic] to its larger usefulness may really be the stepping stone to something better.” – Don C. Stevens, Librarian

1894 Report

“Readers may be grouped into two classes, those who read for amusement, and those who read for instruction; and perhaps it is not going too far in saying that the former end is just as legitimate as the latter; for it is no small service that literature renders when it lifts us into another region of ideas away from the hum-drum and tedium of everyday existence, even if it is not to us the instrument of mental enlargement.” – Don C. Stevens, Librarian

1895 Report

“The number of books missing is small as compared with the experience of other libraries granting the same privileges as our own, and shows that the confidence of the management in the integrity of the people who use the library is not misplaced.” – Don C. Stevens, Librarian

1904 Report

“The age limit of 11 years was removed under conditions on December 3rd by the addition of an exception to the by-laws, so that the section concerning borrowers now reads:

All inhabitants of the town of Fairhaven of eleven years of age and upwards shall have the right to visit and use the library building and to take books therefrom under such regulations as the book committee under the direction of the board of trustees determine; except that persons under eleven years may enjoy these privileges upon recommendation of the superintendent or one of the principals of the public schools and with the  approval of the librarian.” – Drew B. Hall, Librarian

1905 Report

“The reading habit may be a curse as well as a blessing, and it is the duty of every father and mother to see that his child is not forming the habit of stupefying himself with too much reading.” – Drew B. Hall, Librarian

1906 Report

“I feel that the majority of the readers use the library moderately to their good, but that some are reading decidedly too much and thinking too little. There are

other persons in town, however, who might become readers, and it is to them that the library might better address itself, rather than to the increase in the amount of reading of any one person.” – Drew B. Hall, Librarian

1907 Report

“Besides the more obvious duties of lending books, attending to the periodicals and binding, the staff and book committee have listed and examined 787 new books, reading critical reviews, and the books themselves in the numerous doubtful cases. Of the 787 titles, 561 were accepted and 226 returned to the dealer.” – Drew B. Hall, Librarian