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William G. Hammond – Part 2

Fort Phoenix 1864
Fair Haven June 3rd

Dear Parents

We arrived here after a ride of about six hours. It is a nice place mounting 8 large
guns. We arrived at Bedford yesterday at 3 o’clock yesterday PM when we were divided. 30 men, 2 Corporals, 1 Lieutenant were sent here and the rest of the Boys sent to the other fort to join the Chelsea company. We have got the best place all to our selves under Lieut. Stevens. Grouse and I are the Corporals, the others have got to work. I was sorry when they separated us but I am being well satisfied now. Lieutenant has got a house to live in and the boys another all plaster and white wash. Grouse and I have got a room all to ourselves 10×16 ft large. We have got a good stove with plenty of coal, two nice bunks, a good table and closet also pins for our clothes. Live like a Brigadier General. We had an new cook stove come yesterday and we are bound to live. We get milk every day for which they take swill in pay. Our fort is situated on a hill. It takes but three men for guard at one relief. It is a very pleasant place about here. We are about 1 mile from the city of New Bedford the other fort is about 4 miles from the city on a point of land but not so pleasant as this.

I have been down to the village of Fair Haven three times. It is a very pleasant place but 6 or 8 stores in the place. I like the appearance of the people very much. They are sociable. I shall get over to New Bedford soon and look around there. To look at the city from here it looks like going into Boston.

I expect to see some of my forty 11th cousins over to see me if they find out I am here.
I shall enjoy myself as well as possible. The young Ladies come down to see the fort or us I don’t know which.

I am all right
Give my love to all my Friends
Write soon

From your Son
William G. Hammond

Direct to
Corp. W.G. Hammond
12th Unattached Co of
Mass V.M.
Fort Phoenix
Fair Haven Mass
(until further orders)

In the margin near his signature he writes “(the photograph is of my bed feller at Readville)”

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