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Squirrel Orchestra

In 1939, William T. Wood loaned (and later donated) this item to the Millicent Library.
Fairhaven Star of Thursday, February 23, 1939

Squirrel Orchestra Shown at Library

50-Year-Old Curiosity Loaned by William T. Wood

   Something different in the way of an orchestra is the “Nut Cracker’s Orchestra” which is on exhibition at the Millicent Library. The unique exhibit, loaned by William T. Wood of 9 Wilding Street, is a glass case containing ten stuffed squirrels, each supposedly playing a musical instrument.

   The “squirrel band” was made over a half century ago in Vermont and for many years was displayed in the window of Mr. Wood’s father’s music store in New Bedford. It includes a bass drum player, snare drum, cymbal, bass horn, viola, trumpet, trombone, French horn, violin and bass-viol.

Note: The Squirrel band is no longer at the library. No one knows for sure what happened to it.