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Rogers Bibliography (FOL 2014)

Bibliography & Reference Sources for Henry Huttleston Rogers

Here are some sources of information that you may find useful. The list is excerpted from a more complete list of resources about Fairhaven history generally, compiled by Chris Richard. This list includes material specifically about Henry Huttleston Rogers and his gifts, along with sources that may include material about him.

The Archives Department of the Millicent Library also contains useful primary sources (that is, original documents as opposed to narrative or interpretive histories), such as newspapers, property records, maps, vital records, and correspondence. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are located in the Millicent Archive area and are available to researchers by appointment.  Contact Deb Charpentier at to schedule an appointment. For the “rules of the archives” visit <>


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Millicent Library Online


The Millicent Library has a web page devoted to Henry Huttleston Rogers.

It can be found at  <>

It contains the following:

H. H. Rogers as Jekyll & Hyde — Illustrations from The World, 1906.<>

Mark Twain and Henry Huttleston Rogers  – by Earl J. Dias<>

H. H. Rogers – An article by by Elbert Hubbard<>

Henry Huttleston Rogers  (1840 – 1909) — An evaluation on the 150th Anniversary of his Birth by Earl J. Dias<>

Frenzied Finance by Thomas LawsonFrom Dictionary of American Biography  <>

  • Biography of Thomas Lawson <>
  • Biography of H. H. Rogers<>

Office of Tourism page about Henry Huttleston Rogers<>