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Oxford School Time Capsule

Inventory of Contents Oxford School Time

Stamp Sheets

1. Comic Strip Classics ( 20 Stamps)
2. Prehistoric Animals (20 Stamps)
3. Famous Songwriters (20 Stamps)
4. Big Band leaders (20 Stamps)
5. Historic Steamboats (20 Stamps)
6. Endangered Species (15 Stamps)

Sports Collectors Cards

7. High Tech Collectors Cards Courtesy Southeastern
8. Sports Bob Shurtleff (8 card sheet)
9. Assorted Sport Cards 9 per sheet
10. “
11. “
12. Batman Returns Movie Cards (4)

Comic Books

14. Star Trek the Next Generation
15. Batman
16. Robin
17. X-men
18. Green Lantern
19. Star Trek
20. Superman
21. Superboy
22. Superman
23. “
24. “
25. Legionnaires

Publications and Magazines

26. The Free Press Oct. 31 – Nov. 6
27. Barnacle Oct. 1996
28. Wanderer Nov. 1, 1996
29. Wanderer Oct. 18, 1996
30. Time Magazine Nov. 4, 1996
31. People Magazine Oct. 4, 1996
32. US Magazine Nov.1996
33. Sports Illustrated for Kids Oct.1996
34. Sesame Street Magazine Nov.1996
35. Nickelodeon Magazine Nov.1996
36. Centennial Olympic Sports Illustrated Atlanta
37. Olympic Magazine Sept/Oct 1996 Women’s Gold
Medal Team Cover
38. Collectors Issue Disney Magazine, 25 – Anniversary
of Walt Disney World
39. Zoobooks Magazine, Oct.1996 Endangered Species
40. Compiled history, 100 Years in The Life Of Oxford
41. Internet Software access package from America
42. United States Postal Service 1996 Stamp Catalog
43. Oxford School Handbook of Regulations
44. Oxford School Centennial Field Day Pennant
45 1.44MB Computer Disks
46. Letter from Massachusetts Governor William Weld
47. SMUD Modeling Compound
48. Centennial T-shirt
49. Hacky-Sack Football
50. Oxford School Centennial Hat
51. Gift to Oxford School Principal of 2046 from
Principal Jenny Xifaris
52. NYNEX Fairhaven and Greater New Bedford Telephone
53. Oxford School Improvement Plan and Evaluation
54. 1995 Town of Fairhaven Annual Report (Oxford
School Cover)
55. R.L. Stine Goosebumps Children’s Horror Book
56. TV Guide Oct. Kids Television Issue
57. TV Guide Sept. Fall 1996 Preview Issue
58. Solar Powered Calculator
59. United States Currency 1995, 1-5-10-20 Dollar
1,5,10,25 Cent Coin. Provided by Slades Ferry Bank
of Fairhaven.
*Note as of Nov.1996 Paper currency had not yet been
60. Skittles Candies
61a/b. Fruit Roll-up Fruit Flavored Snacks
62. Oxford School Frisbee
63. Coca Cola Classic in 1996 Olympic Commemorative
64. Just Say No to Drugs Oxford School Painters Cap
65. School
Visitor/Volunteer Passes
66. Campbell Soup Label ( These were collected by
the students and could be turned into Campbell Soup Corp. for
Educational, Athletic and school oriented supplies).
67. United States Travel Map
68. Greater New Bedford Real Estate Booklet
69. Rand McNally World Atlas
70. Atlas of local Towns and Cities Including Fairhaven
71. Oxford School Centennial Mug
72. Compact Disks ,Tony Braxton, Macarena,, Mariah
Carey and Boyz To Men. Courtesy John Reitz WFHN, Fun 107
73. Millicent Library Card
74. George Magazine – John F. Kennedy Jr. Political
75. WBSM News/Talk Radio Bumper Sticker
76. WHIN Fun 107 Bumper Sticker
77. Clinton/Gore Presidential Re-Election Poster
78. 1996 Referendum Information Booklet
79. Democratic Bumper Sticker ( Vote Democrat)
80. Bob Dole & Jack Kemp Republican Candidate
for President Bumper Sticker
81. Rill Clinton & Al Gore Presidential Re-Election
Bumper Sticker
82. Oxford School Student of The Month Bumper Sticker
83. Governor William Weld Bid for U.S. Senate Bumper
84. Jonathan P. Raymond For Congress Bumper Sticker
85. Barney Frank For Congress ( Re-election Bid)
for Congress
86. Clinton/ I Gore 96 Small Round Sticker
87 Weld Senate Small Round Sticker
88. John Kerry for Senate Bumper Sticker
89. Fairhaven Loves Families Bumper Sticker


Fairhaven Advocate Sept. 9, 1996 -Town Newspaper
Fairhaven Advocate Oct. 3, 1996 -Town Newspaper
Fairhaven Advocate Oct.10, 1996 -Town Newspaper
Fairhaven Advocate Nov. 6, 1996 Town Newspaper
National Enquirer Nov. 5,1996 -National Scandal
Providence Journal Oct., 27,1996 World Series Champion
New York Yankees Sports Page
0 Jornal Oct. 30.1996 Portuguese Community Newspaper
of Greater New Bedford
New Bedford Standard Times Nov. 2, 1996
New Bedford Standard Times Nov. 3,1996 Sunday with
Comics and Sales Circulars
New Bedford Standard Trines Nov. 6, 1996 National
and local election Results
Boston Sunday Globe Nov. 3,1996

Items not numbered

WBSM News/Talk
Radio Morning Coffee Mug
Citizens Bank Of Fairhaven VISA credit card
Package of “Tools of the Trade” from Oxford
School Nurse Jane Pease R.N.
Oxford School Centennial Celebration Program
Package of Oxford School Centennial Stationery
Scrap Book of Town Photos, Fairhaven Tourism Information,
Oxford School Report Cards, School Menus, Old Photos, and assorted
Oxford School Memorabilia
Oxford School Memoirs – A Collection of Stories,
Memories, and Interviews with Past and Present Students of the
Oxford Elementary School I896 – 1996.
ray pedro
Inventory of Oxford School Time Capsule (This Document)

We hope that those of you who will come after us,
open this and enjoy this small part of what was, our present.
Raymond F. Pedro Jr.

Centennial Time Capsule Coordinator

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