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Coggeshall Memorial (Memorials)

FAIRHAVEN MEMORIALS                                     

Southeast corner of Laffayette and Cherry Street, North Fairhaven, MA

From an historical sketch by Lemuel D. Eldred, through whose suggestion the Colonial Club was formed,  “The Colonial Club, of Fairhaven, was organized in 1912 from a nucleus consisting of the “Colonial Dames” – those who took part in the centennial celebration of the town, commemorating and becoming a part of its history.”
“The original Colonial Dames were as follows.- Mrs. H. K. Nye, Mrs. Zenas Winsor, Mrs. Sarali Goodrow, Miss Emily Allen, Mrs. I. N. Babbitt, Miss Helen Maxfield, Mrs. Frank L. Wilde, Mrs. W. B. Studley, Mrs. George L. Hiller, Miss Susan Damon, Miss Mary E. Akin, Mrs. Frank Blossom, Mrs. Frank H. Church, Miss Helen B. Copeland, Mrs. Sarah Jordan, Mrs. Henry D. Waldron, Mrs. C. L. Dunham, Miss Mabel L. Potter, Miss Maria F. Tripp, Mrs. E. G. Tallman and Mrs. George D. Hammond.”
Mrs. Martha G. Coggeshall died in the spring of 1916. The Colonial Club voted, in 1916, to accept the gift of the Coggeshall Memorial, at Oxford, willed to the Club by Mrs. John E. Coggeshall”. The home of the Club up until this time had been the “Academy Building.” Both Mr. and Mrs. Coggeshall were charter members.
“This legacy has given a new impetus to the Colonial Club. It has grown from 21 members to an association of over two hundred.”

Source: Old-Time Fairhaven,  Charles A. Harris, Rodney Printing, New Bedford, MA,  1947