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Sloop Spray Souvenir Booklet

Sloop Spray Souvenir
Joshua Slocum, 1901

This little oddity is described in Walter Teller’s book, “The Search for Captain Slocum.

“Slocum had only himself and the boar, and Hettie and Garfield to exhibit. He answered the visitors’ questions, and autographed and sold his books : Sailing Alone, $2; Voyage of the Liberdade,– he still had a few copies — $1; and a neat 48-page booklet, Sloop Spray Souvenir, 25 cents. …In the Sloop Spray Souvenir, Slocum made use of the sail stripped from the boat when she first nosed out of the strait of Magellan and into th Pacific, five years before. Opposite the title page, he tipped in a bit of the stained canvas. On the title page itself, beneath the title, the captain had printed, “Arranged and Supplied with Notes By Henrietta E. Slocum.”

The Millicent Library owns a copy of this booklet which is herein reproduced. It is roughly the size shown on these pages.

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