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Welcome to the Millicent Library’s electronic resources. You will need your library barcode to use these resources. Please contact the library at 508-992-5342 with questions.

Research Topics


Books and Authors
Careers & College
Countries and Cultures
Popular Culture and Fashion
Religion and Mythology
Science and Technology
Social Issues



InfoTrac Student Edition – High School Magazines, newspapers and reference books

World Book Info Finder General encyclopedia that includes all of the articles from the print set, plus tons more. In addition, there are videos, animations, and sounds.

World Book Reference Center

World Book Estudiantil

Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia


Biography Resource Center Articles from magazines and newspapers, images, and links to vetted websites.

Checks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American Government

Additional Biography Titles

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Profiles of Massachusetts

UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography

Saints From Catholic Online

Books and Authors

Books & Authors is a resource that offers ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors and topics.

Biography Resource Center Articles from magazines and newspapers, images, and links to vetted websites.

Bloom’s Literary Reference Online

EBSCO Literary Reference Center Helpful for homework assignments of a literary nature In-library use

Gale’s Literature for Students Covers a range of literary genres in detail with critical analysis. Lots of info!

UXL Graphic Novelists

MagillOnLiterature Plus

Careers & College

Career Cruising Online career guidance and planning system. Helps people of all ages to find the right career, explore education and training options, and build their own portfolio. An easy-to-navigate database for career exploration and development

Accredited Online Schools and Colleges – Searchable directory of online colleges and universities

Countries and Cultures

Cultures, Customs, Holidays, & Foods

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Foods and Recipes of the World

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life

United States

American Indian Tribes

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes

Encyclopedia of American Folklife

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States


Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Canadian Provinces, 5th ed.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Mexican States, 2nd ed.
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, 5th ed.
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cities


Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Physical Geography


Marshall Cavendish Facts About Drugs

Marshall Cavendish Drugs & Society

Marshall Cavendish Family Health

Complete Health Resource

Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances

Shakespeare for Students

Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America

UXL Encyclopedia of Diseases and Disorders



Ebsco History Reference Center History articles from magazines and non-fiction books. In-library use


Marshall Cavendish Explorers & Exploration

Ancient Civilizations Reference Library

Middle Ages

Marshall Cavendish Exploring the Middle Ages

Middle Ages Reference Library

The Crusades Reference Library


Marshall Cavendish Explorers & Exploration

World History

Elizabethan World Reference Library
Gilded Age and Progressive Era Reference Library
Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library

American History

Profiles of Massachusetts
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States, 5th ed.
UXL American Decades
UXL Encyclopedia of U.S. History
Early Civilizations in the Americas Reference Library
Colonial America Reference Library

Colonial America: (1492-1783)

Witchcraft in America
Shaping of America, 1783-1815 Reference Library
Reconstruction Era Reference Library
Westward Expansion Reference Library

Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (1877-1919)

Industrial Revolution Reference Library
Roaring Twenties Reference Library

Encyclopedia of the Jazz Age (1919-1929)

Harlem Renaissance
Great Depression and the New Deal Reference Library

Postwar America (1945 to present)

The Sixties in America Reference Library
U.S. Immigration and Migration Reference Library


American Revolution Reference Library
American Civil War Reference Library
French and Indian War
Mexican-American War
Spanish-American War
War of 1812
World War I Reference Library
World War II Reference Library
American Home Front in World War II
Korean War Reference Library
Cold War Reference Library
Vietnam War Reference Library
Middle East Conflict Reference Library
War in the Persian Gulf Reference Library

Popular Culture and Fashion

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century America

Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages

Religion and Mythology

Marshall Cavendish Gods& Goddesses

Marshall Cavendish Exploring Ancient Civilizations

World Religions Reference Library

Encyclopedia of World Mythology

Development of the Industrial U.S. Reference Library

Encyclopedia of Religion


Science and Technology


Alternative Energy

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Checks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American Government

Marshall Cavendish Growing up with Science

UXL Encyclopedia of Science

Chemistry & Elements

Marshall Cavendish The Elements

Chemical Compounds

Chemical Elements: From Carbon to Krypton

Life Science

Birds of North America Online Cornell University’s BNA Online provides comprehensive life histories for each of the 716+ species of birds breeding in the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada.
In-Library Access Link or At Home Access link (needs your Millicent Library barcode)

Marshall Cavendish Exploring Life Science

Encyclopedia of Biomes

Complete Life Science Resource

Habitats of the World

International Wildlife

Earth/Space Science

Marshall Cavendish Exploring Earth & Space Science

Marshall Cavendish Earth & Physical Sciences

Space Exploration Reference Library


Marshall Cavendish How it Works

Biotechnology: Changing Life through Science

CDs, Super Glue, and Salsa: How Everyday Products are Made


Encyclopedia of Weather and Natural Disasters


Endangered Species

Encyclopedia of Biomes

Encyclopedia of Water Science

Social Issues

American Social Reform Movements Reference Library

Constitutional Amendments: From Freedom of Speech to Flag Burning – 2nd ed.

Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements

Marshall Cavendish Open for Debate

Opposing Viewpoints Features viewpoint articles, topic overviews, full-text magazine, academic journal, and newspaper articles, primary source documents, statistics, images and podcasts, and links to Websites

Prejudice in the Modern World

Social Issues in America

Television in American Society

Terrorism Reference Library