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Fairhaven Honor Roll – World War II – Panel 5

World War II

Panel 5

Purvis, George I. Jr.


Sowik, Buleslaw

Quinn, John

Rose, Manuel Jr.

Sowik, Francis J.S.

Quintin, Ernest R.

Root, Leverne R.

Sowik, Fred J.

Quintin, Frederick J.

Ross, Arnold

Sowik, Walter

Quirk, Joseph

Rusinoski, Alexander

Spooner, Curtis

Quirk, Richard J.

Rusinoski, Mitchell

Spooner, Eliot G.

Quirnback, Walter

Ryle, James

Spooner, George H.

Radcliffe, Charles Jr.

Ryle, Wilfred

Spooner, Harry

Ragael, Manuel

Sagar, Albert Jr.

St.Germain, Everett

Ranson, Edward D.

Saladino, John J.

St.Onge, Alexia

Rapoza, Antone

Salles, Frank E.

St.Onge, Aleix

Rapoza, Elsie

Salles, Gilbert *

St.Onge, Roger E.

Rapoza, John

Santos, Antone

St.Onge, Raymond

Rapoza, Manuel A.

Santos, Eugsidoro E. A.

Staples, Harold F.

Rapp, John B. Jr.

Santos, Henry

Starbuck, George W.

Ratajack, Robert

Santos, Mindo

Stearns, Charles

Raulins, Kenneth R.

Santos, William

Steele, George A.

Rawcliffe, Clifford

Saunders, Kinnison F.

Steele, Richard N.

Rawcliffe, Ralph

Saunders, Milton G.

Steele, William D.


Saulnier, Oswald

Stearns, Robert D.


Saulnier, Melvin J.

Sterling, Arthur


Savoie, Rene W.

Stetson, Robert H.

Reed, Allen S.

Savoie, Roger J.

Stevens, Allen D.

Reed, Richard H.

Savoie, Norman R.

Stevens, Albert M.

Redfern, Eric

Sawyer, Walter

Stevens, Douglas

Reeves, Howard R.

Scott, Earl A.

Stevens, Maurice L.

Reilly, John McC. Jr.

Sears, John

Stevens, Oliver J.

Regan, Jeremiah F.

Sedgewick, Harry C.

Stiles, Charles A.

Rego, Antone

Seigel, George

Stiles, Edwin R.

Rego, Joseph

Senuick, Leon

Stitt, J. Avery

Rego, Peter

Seguin, Hector

Stubbs, Harry K.

Reynolds, Fred W.

Serpa, James D.

Stubbs, Raleigh L.

Rezendes, Albert

Shaw, Joseph

Suffern, George H. Jr.

Rezendes, Alfred C.

Shaw, Norma E.

Sullivan, Daniel F.

Rezendes, John E.

Sherman, Allen L.

Sullivan, George W. Jr.

Rezendes, Joseph

Sherman, George P.

Sullivan, Thomas M.

Rex, J. Milton

Sherman, John W.

Sumner, Thomas W.

Ribeiro, Carlos B.

Shurteff, George H.

Swain, Harry P.

Richard, Alfred J.

Shurtleff, Malcolm R.

Swett, Warren L.

Richard, Lloyd

Shurtleff, Stanley J.

Swift, Ralph S. Jr.

Richard, Rene H.

Silva, Albert J.

Swift, Richard W.

Rimmer, William

Silva, Anthony S.

Swift, Robert W.

Rioux, Maurice

Silva, Francisco


Risdal, Olav

Silva, George M.

Sylvia, Anthony

Rivard, Armand J.

Silva, John C. Jr.

Sylvia, Anthony A.F.

Robello, Manuel

Silva, Manuel

Sylvia, Anthony M. Jr.

Robert, Paul

Silva, Ramiro J.

Sylvia, Clarence V.

Roberts, Antone

Silva, Robert F.

Sylvia, Delmar C.

Roberts, Edward W.

Simmons, Abram F. Jr.

Sylvia, Edwin

Roberts, William

Simmons, Adelbert P.

Sylvia, James

Robinson, Arthur R.

Simmons, Anthony Jr.

Sylvia, John V.

Rocha, Wilfred A.

Simmons, Charles *

Syvia, John Jr.

Roderick, Anthony

Simmons, Charles K.

Sylvia, Joseph P.

Roderick, Eleanor

Skoczolek, Edward J.

Sylvia, Joseph R.

Roderick, Leonard

Slocum, Edwin

Sylvia, Leonard

Roderick, Robert

Smith, Charles F.

Sylvia, Manuel Jr.

Rodriques, Antone

Smith, Lonnie W.

Tallman, Humphrey L.

Rodriques, John Jr.

Smith, William

Taylor, George T.

Rodriques, Joseph S.

Smith, William C.

Taylor, Harry S.

Rogers, Calvin A.

Smuz, Joseph

Taylor, James J.

Rogers, Edwin Lee

Smusz, Joseph J.

Taylor, Phyllis R.

Rogers, Milton J.

Snow, Gorden W.

Taylor, William P.

Rogers, Norman F.

Snow, Gorden E.

Tenczar, Frank S.

Rogers, Walter J.

Snow, Lester A.

Terry, Fred

Rokita, Kasemir F.

Snow, William F.

Tetrault, Thomas C. *

Roma, Edward G.

Soares, Ernest

Thatcher, Charles P. Jr.

Romer, Edward G.

Soares, Norman

Thomas, Mary E.

Romillard, Emile J. Jr.

Souza, Dean D.

Thomas, Walter Jr.

Ross, Walter L.

Souza, Frank A. Jr.

Thompson, Frank

Rose, Anthony E. Jr.

Souza, Edward

Thompson, Ray

Rose, Charles

Souza, George R.

Thompson, Russell

Rose, Edmund G.

Souza, Henry F.

Thompson, William G.

Rose, Frank

Souza, James

Tichon, Everett H.

Rose, George

Souza, John M.

Timm, Henry C.

Rose, Henry

Souza, Joseph

Timm, Thomas P.

Rose, James F.

Souza, Manuel

Timm, Thomas W.

Rose, John

Souza, Manuel V.

Tinkham, Howard G.


Souza , Norman

Toledo, Rodney


Souza, William F.

Tomlinson, Edward D.


Toomey, John J.


Torres, Joseph R.

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